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Install Poli As service using Systemd

“Poli is an easy-to-use SQL reporting application built for SQL lovers!” Poli isn’t a fully fledged BI tool. In my experience Poli is enough for sizeable chunk of BI users. I often find alot of features in sophisticated BI tools are not used. Poli is simple to get started. Within a couple of hours you…Continue readingInstall Poli As service using Systemd

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Simplifying Lengthy SQL Scripts

Some of the scripts I have inherited or had to work on have been written by people who separate every logical step into a separate SQL statement and temp table. The longest script I have had to work on was over 20 000 lines which I managed to simplify to couple hundred lines. I frequently…Continue readingSimplifying Lengthy SQL Scripts


Online SQL Tools I Use

Background Whilst I do most of my SQL editing using using an Open Source SQL editing tool, there are some online tools I use for SQL related tasks. I always keep privacy in mind so I never use these tools with sensitive data. Reasons for using these tools include: When I am not working on…Continue readingOnline SQL Tools I Use


SQL Sample data sets

A blog centred around SQL and data warehousing is going to include a significant number of SQL statements as examples to show concepts covered in the blog. Instead of making up fictional use cases in my head as I blogged I decided to look around for open data sets I could base my examples on.…Continue readingSQL Sample data sets