SSG to WordPress

For the last year I haven’t added a post to my blog. It isn’t like I haven’t written anything. I just never got around to polishing it and posting. Note to self stop, trying to be a perfectionist you have never even close. My blog was running on Hugo, a very capable static site generator…Continue readingSSG to Wordpress

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Why Hugo Static Site Generator

When I wrote about my move from Drupal to Hugo I didn’t provide details. This is an opinionated list of reasons I went with Hugo. TL;DR I don’t have time to maintain database server and web server. Static file hosting is cheaper. Hugo is self contained executable with no dependecies to worry about. Shared hosting…Continue readingWhy Hugo Static Site Generator

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From Drupal to Hugo

After 10 years using Drupal as my blogging platform, I have decided switch to Hugo, a static site generator. I don’t have the time to maintain a VPS server and keep Drupal updated and secure. I decided that I want to focus on writing and less on maintenance of the architecture powering my blog. Drupal…Continue readingFrom Drupal to Hugo