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Why Hugo Static Site Generator

When I wrote about my move from Drupal to Hugo I didn’t provide details. This is an opinionated list of reasons I went with Hugo. TL;DR I don’t have time to maintain database server and web server. Static file hosting is cheaper. Hugo is self contained executable with no dependecies to worry about. Shared hosting…Continue readingWhy Hugo Static Site Generator

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KDE Kate Text Editor, a Distraction Free SQL Client

Background I have been using Linux to host my Drupal based web applications for close to ten years now. Only in the last few years have I started using Linux exclusively as my desktop operating system(OS) on all my home computers. I still spend most of the time on MS Windows at work. Like a…Continue readingKDE Kate Text Editor, a Distraction Free SQL Client

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Open Source SQL Editors

UPDATE-6 July 2020: I have updated this post to be the landing page for all my posts on Open Source SQL Editors. There are many aspects of SQL editors that I will post in separate and probably smaller posts. Introduction Working in Business Intelligence (BI), I write and execute SQL statements every day. Actually it…Continue readingOpen Source SQL Editors