Building a Goat Kraal

I have a rural village plot back in Zimbabwe. The last two days my dad has been busy building a goat kraal. We want to keep some goats and hopefully make a profit from selling them. Some reasons for heading in this direction:

  • My plot is in Hwange area which is a dry and hot area. Yearly rainfall is usually less than 600mm. Goats are pretty hardy creatures and able to cope with temperature and little water
  • Goats multiply quicker than cows. With a gestation period of 5 months. A doe should be able to give birth three times in two years.
  • Tied to the first point, goats feed off acacia thorn trees which a plentiful in my home town. They are agile and can reach food that another animals cannot reach. In short I don’t need to buy feed for the goats. They will roam free range and have been proven able to adapt.

Here are some pictures of the early work. I created this post to document the journey.

I will make another post when I the kraal is complete. It is a lot of work and I am grateful to my dad for having the energy to tackle this project.

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