Building a Goat Kraal

I have a rural village plot back in Zimbabwe. The last two days my dad has been busy building a goat kraal. We want to keep some goats and hopefully make a profit from selling them. Some reasons for heading in this direction: My plot is in Hwange area which is a dry and hot…Continue readingBuilding a Goat Kraal


SSG to WordPress

For the last year I haven’t added a post to my blog. It isn’t like I haven’t written anything. I just never got around to polishing it and posting. Note to self stop, trying to be a perfectionist you have never even close. My blog was running on Hugo, a very capable static site generator…Continue readingSSG to Wordpress

Productivity Software

You Don’t Need Anymore Software

The downside to solving problems for a living is that you begin to see problems where there are none. I have to make and effort to stop myself looking for solutions to problems that don’t exist. The search for the best text editor or note taking application that will make me more productive. These aren’t…Continue readingYou Don’t Need Anymore Software


10 Lessons From Building my Hydroponics Garden

Instead of adding another hydroponic tutorial to the Internet. I decided to write this post to share some tips rarely included in the videos and Instructables. These tips should put you in the right frame of mind and save you some frustrations. This advice may be obvious for DIY professionals but will be useful for…Continue reading10 Lessons From Building my Hydroponics Garden


Software Tools I Use and Recommend

Inspired by Scott Hanselman’s list, I have created my own list of tools I use frequently. What I have found interesting about software choices is that all of us seem to have our own preference. Look no further than the “war” between Vim and Emacs. At the end of the day it is about productivity,…Continue readingSoftware Tools I Use and Recommend